Shenzhen Pacrot Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of GPO Group, is a leading provider of cutting-edge audio solutions. With a focus on innovation and quality, we offer a diverse range of products, including TWS earbuds, gaming earbuds, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth Speakers, and more.


Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Pacrot combines expertise and resources to deliver unparalleled audio experiences to our global customers. As part of the GPO Group, we benefit from a strong network and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.


Driven by our commitment to excellence, we have established strong partnerships with global brands. Our integrated approach, covering research, design, and manufacturing, allows us to provide tailor-made audio solutions that exceed customer expectations.


Join us as we shape the future of audio technology and create extraordinary sound experiences. Together, we can unlock the full potential of audio innovation.

  • GPO Group is a leading player in the consumer electronic industry, comprising two prominent companies: SZ Pacrot Co., Ltd. and SZ Wresol Co., Ltd.


    SZ Pacrot Co., Ltd. specializes in audio solutions, offering a diverse range of high-quality products including TWS earbuds, gaming earbuds, Bluetooth headphones, and more. Our commitment is to provide our global customers with superior sound experiences that elevate their audio enjoyment.


    SZ Wresol Co., Ltd. excels in keyboard and gaming solutions, delivering innovative products that enhance gaming spaces and elevate gaming experiences.


    At GPO Group, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We prioritize building strong strategic partnerships and aim to exceed customer expectations. With our dedicated teams and advanced manufacturing facilities, we uphold the highest quality standards in all our products.


    Driven by a passion for technology and innovation, we continually push the boundaries to deliver exceptional value to our customers. Our goal is to enhance and enrich the lives of individuals through cutting-edge consumer electronics.

  • SZ Wresol Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of GPO Group, is a leading gaming solutions provider. Our cutting-edge keyboards and accessories enhance your gaming experience.


    Based in Shenzhen, China, Wresol combines expertise and resources to deliver exceptional gaming products. We stay ahead of the curve, exploring new technologies and trends for innovative gaming solutions.


    Through strategic partnerships, we've earned the trust of top gaming brands. Our comprehensive approach, from research to manufacturing, ensures reliable and innovative gaming solutions.


    Passionate about gaming and committed to customer satisfaction, we contribute to the dynamic gaming industry. As part of GPO Group, we have access to resources that keep us at the forefront of gaming technology.


    Unleash the potential of gaming innovation with us.